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The Best Things to do in Bologna with Kids

By Agave Barone

Planning to visit Bologna with kids? Bologna has a lot to offer to these special little guests: food, nature, culture! Lots of entertainment is kid friendly or specially designed for them, so if you’re planning a trip check out our guide to the best things to do in Bologna with kids!


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Amsterdam Neighbourhood Guide: De Pijp

By Huanhuan Guo


De Pijp is one of Amsterdam's most popular neighbourhoods, but there's more to discover than just the tourist hotspots if you know where to look! Our local Huanhuan has put together a neighbourhood guide to De Pijp so you can see the area like a local. From its working class roots to being the multi-cultural and bohemian area it is today, De Pijp has evolved into a vibrant and loved by locals area. Check out our guide of the shops, restaurants and bars that are a well loved, and well worn, part of local life here! 


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The 5 Best Places to Shop in Tokyo

By Yukie Wakasugi

Tokyo might be renowned for being one of the best shopping destinations on the planet, the problem is, do you know where to start? From cutting edge stores selling products you didn’t even know were missing from your life until you laid eyes upon them to markets where you can find traditional kimono, the issue isn’t if the product exists, it’s where exactly to find it. With this in mind, our Tokyo local Yukie has rounded up 5 of the best places to shop to give you a head start! Whether you want to browse the luxury stores in Ginza or grab some souvenirs, Yukie’s guide to Tokyo shopping has got you covered so you can get shop like a local!


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Manchester Neighbourhood Guide: Castlefield

By Tanja Wittrock

Photo credit: - Dukes 92

Castlefield is one of Manchester's most characteristic and distinctive neighbourhoods thanks to its canal-side location, Roman history and designation as an Urban Heritage Park. Despite being located in Central Manchester, Castlefield has a laid back vibe that's perfect for lazy days along the canal, wining and dining at a pub by the water or checking out some of Manchester's most innovative museums. Our local Tanja has put together a Castlefield guide for the best of this unique area in the heart of Manchester so you can see the area through the eyes of a local!


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The Best New York Neighbourhoods To Stay In

By Edited by Kathryn Foley

Visiting New York? You might have chosen which of the five boroughs you want to stay in, but settling on which neighbourhood is an altogether more difficult task. Whether you’re in NY for one night only or are settling in for a week, there’s dozens of loved by locals neighbourhoods to choose from, so we’ve put together a guide of a few of our favourite neighbourhoods to help you decide where to set up camp while you’re visiting New York. From old school luxe to up and coming (read: hipster), whatever your vibe and whether you want to get off the beaten path or stay central, we promise there’s a New York neighbourhood where you’ll feel at home!


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5 Hidden Gems in Amsterdam

By Dodó Kis

When you visit Amsterdam there are plenty of things to see and do, this city is undoubtedly full of attractions. However, there are places that you can only discover when asking somebody local; so with this in mind, we asked our local Dodó for her top 5 hidden gems! Amsterdam offers a great variety of cafés and bars, and if you want to see where the people of this city spend their weekends, you should definitely visit these places!


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Madrid Neighbourhood Guide: La Latina

By Jorge Roses

If you’re visiting Madrid and want to experience life like a local, check out one of our favourite barrios: La Latina! This characteristic neighbourhood is Madrid at its best; think tapas, cold beer and evenings spent with friends on a packed out terrace in one of Madrid’s leafy squares. But there’s more to this barrio in the network of narrow streets that lie beyond the main plazas, so we asked our local Jorge to share his favourite La Latina spots so you can discover where to eat, drink and relax! This spirited neighbourhood might be central, but if you know where to look, the area’s unique, vibrant and buzzing character is easily discovered, so what better place to start than with Jorge’s recommendations?


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The Best London Areas To Stay In

By Edited by Kathryn Foley

Whether you’re visiting London for the first time or the hundredth time, deciding which area you want to stay in can be tricky. You want somewhere to call a home away from home, even if its only for one night, so what better reason to get out of the touristic city centre and choose a loved by locals area so you can experience life like a Londoner? The beauty of London lies in the diversity of its characteristic neighbourhoods, so whatever your vibe we promise the perfect spot for you is out there! Check out some of our favourite areas, which just so happen to be some of the most unique, and be inspired to branch out and see the city like a local on your next London city break.

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Cheap Eats in San Francisco

By Myles Fenwick

Photo credit:

When you hear the words San Francisco and cheap food in the same sentence you… well… you know what, I don’t hear those words too often. So, I’m not too sure how one would react. Surprised, and curious I guess. As The City gets more and more expensive, cheap eats can seem few and far between. But if you look hard enough, there are some gems out there, where you can get some great eats without burning a gaping hole in the pocket of your ripped jeans. Here’s a quick guide to get you started on you journey to find some cheap, yet delicious, food in The City By The Bay.


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5 Hidden Gems in Rome

By Angelo Marchionni

Want to get off the beaten path in Rome? Our local Angelo lets us in on a few hidden gems so you can discover Rome through the eyes of a local! If you like the sound of these suggestions, why not check out Angelo's profile and book him to explore Rome together!

When someone asks me how many days would you need to see all of Rome, I just don’t know what to answer as after 50 years of living here I know there is still something outside my door I’ve never seen waiting to be discovered! These 5 hidden gems are just 5 of the spots people don’t have time to visit if they stay for just a few days - but this means you have a good excuse to plan a second visit!


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Travel inspiration and tips from locals around the world straight to your inbox

Travel inspiration and tips from locals around the world

Travel inspiration & tips from our Locals worldwide direct to your inbox