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Top 7 Pizza Spots in New York Recommended by a Local

By Gabriella Hammond


Wondering where the very best pizza joints in New York are? Of course you are. Our local Gabby has been on a mission to track down only very best New York pizza for you to try - because no one wants a mediocre slice, right? But if you want to get involved in the search, why not book Gabby in New York and eat your way around New York's best pizzerias together?! 

It goes without saying that New York doesn't joke around when it comes to good pizza. But with such a huge city, and so many different options to choose from, it can be incredibly difficult to decide where to go. So I’ve narrowed it down to 7 unique, authentic, and most importantly delicious spots to get the best pizza in New York City.


1. Lombardi’s (32 Spring St)

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Situated just at the edge of the downtown neighborhood NoLIta, Lombardi's claim to fame is not just its pizza, but its history. Having opened in 1905, it is officially the oldest pizzeria in the United States. All those years in business definitely has its advantages. After the city changed the fire code in the 1950’s to forbid the use of burning coal, most pizzeria’s could no longer use a coal fire oven. But Lombardi’s was considered so classic they were grandfathered into the fire code, and is now one of the only pizzerias in NYC that still uses coal to this day. A coal burning oven gives the pizza the crispy, thin crust and makes it classic New York Pizza. The restaurant is cash only and only serves whole pies instead of individual slices. So come with friends or come hungry. But you will not be disappointed.


2. Artichoke Pizza (Various locations)


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Artichoke is one of those places I have had dreams about on more than one occasion. While the pizza served isn’t “traditional” New York Pizza it is still exclusively a New York chain that you cannot get anywhere else, and the pizza will blow your mind. The slices they serve are huge and luxurious, one topped with crab meat, another with vodka sauce. Plus, they do have options that are more traditional, like the Margherita. But the true star of the show is the classic artichoke slice. If you are a first timer, you have got to try this one out. Featuring artichoke hearts, spinach, two different types of cheeses and their amazing cream sauce, it will definitely have you coming back for more.



The story of the two great pizza rivals in Brooklyn goes back many years. It all starts with Patsy Grimaldi opening his now famous pizzeria on Old Fulton Street in 1990. After retiring and selling the Grimaldi’s franchise to a businessman, Patsy announced he planned to come out of retirement and open a new pizzeria. Even though he had sold the rights to the brand name Grimaldi's, Patsy went back to where it all began and opened his new restaurant on the site of his old Grimaldi's, where the coal fire oven was still intact. So the new joint Juliana's, named after his mother, was opened in the building that housed the original restaurant, and since that day the legend of the dueling pizzerias lives on!


3. Grimaldi’s (1 Front St) *the big white building


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Very casual, laid-back atmosphere. Like Lombardi’s the restaurant is cash only and serves only whole pies. Being the more touristy of the two rivals, there is usually a line of people outside it’s doors. But the warm, saucy deliciousness that awaits is sure to be worth it. And while Grimaldi's has been franchised all over the country, the one here in Brooklyn is the true original, and what gets better than that?


4. Juliana’s (19 Old Fulton Street) *the small building to the left with the red awning


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Serving both classic and specialty pies, Juliana's gives you the option of mixing it up a bit. With less tourists visiting as well, it will be much less of a wait, but still delicious. Every person has their own opinion as to which is the better of the two, and now you can have yours!


The Bronx


5. Trattoria Zero Otto Nove (2357 Arthur Ave)


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Located in the heart of the Bronx’s own thriving Little Italy, Otto Nove became so popular that a second location was opened in Manhattan. But taking that trip to the Bronx is worth it to eat where it all began. What’s great about Otto Nove isn’t just the pizza - but the ambiance as well. Featuring an open kitchen and an airy storefront setting, you’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the bright blue fiat parked on the sidewalk out front. Serving Salerno style pies, the pizza is a little less crispy and fluffy than the more traditional, Neapolitan style pies- but the pizza is just as heavenly.


6. Dominick’s Restaurant (2335 Arthur Ave)


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You don’t just go to Dominick’s for the pizza, you go for the toppings- unique offerings that can be difficult to find in Manhattan. Sausage & peppers, shrimp with spinach, mushrooms, anchovies, eggplant, meatballs, chicken Caesar salad..the list goes on and on! But don’t be worried about overcrowding, the thick crust provides maximum enjoyment for all those hefty toppings. The seating is family-style, the atmosphere is no frills no fuss, and if pizza isn’t enough you can also indulge in their family style pasta.



7. Lucia Pizza (13655 Roosevelt Ave)


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A true hole-in-the-wall, Lucia Pizza is tucked away behind a number of Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood of Flushing, Queens. With such a tiny space, and usually no available seating, it’s best to just grab and go. But what’s better for on-the-go than pizza? Especially when you don’t need any toppings! The plain slice will more than satisfy, and at only $2.95 a slice, it’s an absolute steal. I recommend you grab a slice (or two) and head out to explore one of the more unchartered boroughs, but one just as fascinating as the rest. Just remember they're cash only!


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