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5 Hidden Gems in Madrid

By Jorge Roses

As a local of the amazing Madrid, I have the pleasure of being able to discover more and more every day. It’s such a shame that many foreigners don’t enjoy my city as much as they could, due to the fact that many go to the typical places that appear in any guide of Madrid, but we all know that in every city there is something else that makes it special. Those are the hidden gems. I’ve chosen five gems that not even all locals know about and that everyone should visit for sure!

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New Year's Eve Party Like A Local in New York, London and Madrid

By Edited by Kathryn Foley

December is almost here, so we’re sure you must all be wondering where to party on New Year’s Eve. We’ve put together a guide to help you party like a local on NYE in New York, London and Madrid that will keep you well away from any pushing and shoving in Time’s Square or such places. Maybe you want a huge night to say goodbye (or good riddance) to 2016 at a warehouse party, or maybe a more low-key bar where you can enjoy the evening with your loved ones and where there's less chance of a party popper being pointed in your general direction. Whichever type of NYE you’re after, we’ve got you covered so check out our guide for the best NYE parties in New York, London and Madrid.

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Just around the corner: the best kept secrets near Europe's top attractions

By Edited by Kathryn Foley

Here’s the situation: you’re visiting a new city, and even though you’ve convinced yourself that you’re way above getting caught up in the tourist traps, you don’t want to miss out on seeing the iconic sights. What a pickle. So how can you go about seeing the sights without feeling like a total tourist? That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a little alternative guide to the mainstream spots, something to help you get off the beaten path without getting your boots all muddy (metaphorically speaking, of course), so you can visit the main attractions and then soothe your tourist frazzled nerves by checking out an alternative spot nearby recommended by one of our locals!

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10 Favourite Local Spots in Madrid

By Sara Prieto

If you’re planning on visiting Madrid (lucky you) but don’t want to stick just to the tourist trail, take a look at my top 10 places to get off the beaten path and eat, drink, party and be merry like a local in Madrid! I’ll show you the where to party, where the best sandwich shop in town is and where you’ll get the best of the sunsets, so go on, have a little look at my suggestions... And if you like the sounds of this, you can check out my profile here.

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Travel inspiration and tips from locals around the world straight to your inbox

Travel inspiration and tips from locals around the world

Travel inspiration & tips from our Locals worldwide direct to your inbox