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5 Hidden Gems in Amsterdam

By Dodó Kis

When you visit Amsterdam there are plenty of things to see and do, this city is undoubtedly full of attractions. However, there are places that you can only discover when asking somebody local; so with this in mind, we asked our local Dodó for her top 5 hidden gems! Amsterdam offers a great variety of cafés and bars, and if you want to see where the people of this city spend their weekends, you should definitely visit these places!


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5 Hidden Gems in Rome

By Angelo Marchionni

Want to get off the beaten path in Rome? Our local Angelo lets us in on a few hidden gems so you can discover Rome through the eyes of a local! If you like the sound of these suggestions, why not check out Angelo's profile and book him to explore Rome together!

When someone asks me how many days would you need to see all of Rome, I just don’t know what to answer as after 50 years of living here I know there is still something outside my door I’ve never seen waiting to be discovered! These 5 hidden gems are just 5 of the spots people don’t have time to visit if they stay for just a few days - but this means you have a good excuse to plan a second visit!


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5 Best Off the Beaten Path Shops in Amsterdam

By Huanhuan Guo

“Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.” I couldn’t agree more with Marc Jacobs on that. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to some quality shopping time, and what brings out even more joy is a successful shopping mission for your loved ones in which you found exactly what you wanted. But where to start? Shopping is time-consuming when you only have limited time to explore a new city, especially if you want to ‘shop like locals’. Here are the 5 teeny-tiny shops full of character which could offer a little bit of everything for you to explore and appreciate.


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5 Hidden Gems in Madrid

By Jorge Roses

As a local of the amazing Madrid, I have the pleasure of being able to discover more and more every day. It’s such a shame that many foreigners don’t enjoy my city as much as they could, due to the fact that many go to the typical places that appear in any guide of Madrid, but we all know that in every city there is something else that makes it special. Those are the hidden gems. I’ve chosen five gems that not even all locals know about and that everyone should visit for sure!

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Manchester's Hidden Gems

By Tanja Wittrock

Want to get off the beaten path in Manchester? Our local Tanja lets us in on a few hidden gems so you can discover Manchester through the eyes of a local! If you like the sound of these suggestions, why not check out Tanja's profile and book her to explore Manchester together! 

Manchester may generally be known for the opulent Trafford Center or much visited Manchester United Football Stadium but away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds there are many hidden gems which offer a rare insight into a very different Manchester, full of inspirational street art, industrial history and fascinating architecture. Best of all, these attractions are easy on the budget as they are almost all completely free!

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Off the beaten path London: A day in Clapham

By Sara Romo Cordero

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Buzzing and bustling Clapham, located between Wandsworth and Battersea is a really cool place worth considering spending a day in while you're visiting London. Maybe not as creative as other boroughs like Shoreditch or Peckham, but there's still a wide range of restaurants and cafes, bars and clubs, and more than a few options to entertain yourself. It's also well connected in terms of transport with almost every other area in London. So grab your stuff, top up your oyster, and get ready to spend a day as a true southwestie.

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Off The Beaten Path: Gentrification in East London

By Sophie Lewis

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If you’re planning to visit London, you may have heard about fears of growing gentrification in London's east end. The borough of Hackney is still off the beaten track for many visitors but the area is certainly on the up, so what does gentrification mean for these areas? We asked our girl Sophie, a born and bred Londoner living in Dalston for her take on gentrification in east London. And if you fancy getting off the beaten path and exploring more of Hackney with Sophie, you can check out her profile here!

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Just around the corner: the best kept secrets near Europe's top attractions

By Edited by Kathryn Foley

Here’s the situation: you’re visiting a new city, and even though you’ve convinced yourself that you’re way above getting caught up in the tourist traps, you don’t want to miss out on seeing the iconic sights. What a pickle. So how can you go about seeing the sights without feeling like a total tourist? That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a little alternative guide to the mainstream spots, something to help you get off the beaten path without getting your boots all muddy (metaphorically speaking, of course), so you can visit the main attractions and then soothe your tourist frazzled nerves by checking out an alternative spot nearby recommended by one of our locals!

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Off the Beaten Track: From Mile End Park to Hackney Wick

By Jerson
Actually we lied. Today we want you to get yourselves, quite literally, onto the beaten track. Onto a path to be specific. See what we did there? This is a relatively undiscovered path linking Mile End Park to Hackney Wick, perfect for a lazy Sunday stroll along Regent’s Canal. If you’re looking to get outdoors, for things to do in London with the kids or simply escape the tourist trail, this is the one for you.
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Off the Beaten Path in South East London: A Visitor’s Guide to Lewisham

By Holly Mallett
South East London is quickly becoming one of the trendiest places in the city. Areas like Brixton and Clapham in the South West are already famous for their varieties of cafes, bars and shopping opportunities but for the true Londoner, there are other areas in the South home to hundreds of hidden gems loved by locals. So for visitors to London wanting to get slightly off the beaten track in the South, head to one of the most vibrant, up and coming boroughs: Lewisham, home to New Cross Gate. 

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Travel inspiration and tips from locals around the world straight to your inbox

Travel inspiration and tips from locals around the world

Travel inspiration & tips from our Locals worldwide direct to your inbox