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Cheap Eats in San Francisco

By Myles Fenwick

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When you hear the words San Francisco and cheap food in the same sentence you… well… you know what, I don’t hear those words too often. So, I’m not too sure how one would react. Surprised, and curious I guess. As The City gets more and more expensive, cheap eats can seem few and far between. But if you look hard enough, there are some gems out there, where you can get some great eats without burning a gaping hole in the pocket of your ripped jeans. Here’s a quick guide to get you started on you journey to find some cheap, yet delicious, food in The City By The Bay.


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5 Outdoor Adventures in San Francisco

By Myles Fenwick


With a mild climate, acres of national parks, and boundless activities – San Francisco is the perfect destination for every single type of active traveller. For the competitive athletes we’ve got shark dodging triathlons, and world-class golf courses. For the hikers we have over 3,000 acres of state parks with mind-blowing views. For everyone in-between we have boundless, sometimes unconquerable, hills dotted with historic landmarks. As a local San Franciscan, there are 5 active activities that I can’t get enough of in this amazing city.

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Top 10 Favourite Local Spots in San Francisco

By Edited by Kathryn Foley

First of all, there’s to be no muttering about the iconic San Francisco fog or how your legs hurt from climbing up hills. It’s all in your head (alright it’s not, but no one wants to hear it). Instead, we’re going to let you in on 10 things to do in SF recommended by locals so you can make the most of your time on the peninsula. We like to keep things pretty outdoorsy, so this guide to San Francisco will show you the best places to hike and bike, soak up the natural beauty of the Bay Area and get the perfect snaps of the Golden Gate Bridge. And we might just let you stop for something to eat and drink along the way too. If you’re lucky.

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Travel inspiration and tips from locals around the world straight to your inbox

Travel inspiration and tips from locals around the world

Travel inspiration & tips from our Locals worldwide direct to your inbox